Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Advancing Rwandan Women Thru Storytelling

"Resonate teaches leadership skills to women and girls through a training program rooted in storytelling. The confidence gained from developing an individual narrative, as well as the ability to articulate it eloquently, are essential tools for emerging female leaders," reads the nonprofit website, Resonate.

"Resonate’s pilot project launches in the Fall of 2013 in Rwanda. As Rwanda rebuilds its country and economy, it has embraced female leadership as a pathway to growth and development. President Paul Kagame spoke about the importance of developing women leaders because they “take policy beyond the usual rhetoric and improve service delivery to women, girls, and the families they belong to.” Organizations focused on Rwandan women’s advancement further this goal, fostering the skills and potential of future female leaders. Resonate plays the unique role of working with these organizations to offer expert narrative-based leadership training tailored to the needs of the community that each program serves.

Resonate partners with organizations that focus on women’s higher education, adolescent leadership, and economic prosperity. By working closely with partners who have a deep understanding of participant needs, Resonate develops customized curriculum that is programmatically relevant and complementary to existing programs."

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