Friday, August 2, 2013

Forward Thinking: Resilient Communities in America

Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy
Turn on TV news or read your local newspaper and there is no doubt that extreme weather, energy and economic challenges have negatively impacted many American communities.  Well, there's an app for that--plan ahead for disruptions in a sustainable way and maintain a good quality of life for all as a local elected official.  That's the premise for Resilient Communities for America.

The website explains: "A sharp increase in extreme weather events driven by climate change is costing us billions and testing our city and county governments, who serve as the first responders during disasters. We must do more to prepare and protect America’s communities—and we can do more."

The group encourages,"  Mayors and county leaders: Sign the Resilient Communities for America Agreement and showcase your leadership and commitment to creating more resilient cities, towns, and counties. Join the new movement of resilient cities and counties that are taking smart steps to prepare for climate change and energy challenges, and turning adversity into economic opportunity."

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