Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Sky Eye That Reveals Lies

The Washington Post published a story this week about a small nonprofit that uses satellite images to reveal environmental damage from above. 

SkyTruth uses remote sensing and digital mapping to create images that expose the landscape disruption and habitat degradation caused by mining, oil and gas drilling, deforestation, fishing and other human activities. The nonprofit's motto is:

If you can see it, you can change it
Seeing  > Believing  > Caring  > Acting  > Changing

From the Washington Post:

(The founder) is among the first, if not the only, scientist to take the staggering array of satellite data that have accumulated over 40 years, turn it into maps with overlays of radar or aerial flyovers, then fan it out to environmental agencies, conservation nonprofit groups and grass-roots activists. This arms the little guys with the best data they’ve ever had to challenge oil, gas, mining and fishing corporations over how they’re changing the planet.

His satellite analysis of the gulf oil spill in 2010, posted on SkyTruth’s Web site, almost single-handedly forced BP and the U.S. government to acknowledge that the spill was far worse than either was saying.

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