Monday, September 16, 2013

Research Brings Answers to Sustainable Transportation Systems

Dr.  Daniel Sperling, Professor, University of California, Davis,   has conducted research on the impact of transportation on the environment, addressing vehicle technology, fuels, and human behavior, and has been a pioneer in opening up new fields of study to create more efficient, low-carbon, and environmentally beneficial transportation systems.

Dr. Sperling is also a policy leader, playing a key role in designing California’s climate change and air pollution policies, which have influenced technologies offered by automobile manufacturers and other businesses in Japan and around the world, and are a model for creating sustainable urban transport and land use systems. 

Sperling's work was recently recognized by  the Asahi Glass Foundation. Sperling is one of the  Blue Planet Prize recipients, " award presented to individuals or organizations worldwide in recognition of outstanding achievements in scientific research and its application that have helped provide solutions to global environmental problems. The Prize is offered in the hopes of encouraging efforts to bring about the healing of the Earth’s fragile environment." explains the award's website.

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