Saturday, September 28, 2013

Small Gifts, Enormous Care

This week's local news:

A 7-year-old is diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.  Family and friends discover that childhood cancer is on the shorter end of research funding.  They take the lemons and literally sell over $4000 worth of lemonade with all funds going to childhood cancer research.

Another young man with a young family is diagnosed with cancer.  The cost of treatment and loss of work is devastating.  A restauranteur says, I'll make Sunday a day for a benefit dinner.  Volunteers selling $10 tickets for the special dinner like crazy.

Yet one other young person challenged with a deadly disease.  What's the community do?  Sell over 700 tickets for a special dinner with all profits going toward his treatment and family expense.

Check your local paper and see how many people in your community make these "small" efforts to bring more light of giving to this planet.

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