Thursday, September 19, 2013

To Save an Indian River

    • SaveYamuna, is a volunteer group devoted to resurrecting a dead Indian river, the Yamuna.  The website reads:
      The river Yamuna is one of the two biggest rivers (other being Ganges) which flow through the world’s largest river basin, the Ganga River Basin.  This basin area is approximately 1,086,000 square kilometers and has a population of 500 million.  This area is also the land to one of the most ancient civilizations known…World Heritage Taj Mahal situated onits banks is under threat as conservationists fear a dry Yamuna river would weaken the wood-based foundation of the Taj Mahal, which requires moisture. 

      The group notes the following achievements:

      Freeing 5300 hectares of Wilderness Hills from Mining and getting them declared as Protected Forests.
    • Repairing and restoring 30 large water Bodies(Kunds) in areas with scant water.
    • Planting of thousands of plants in deforested area and help rejuvenate ancient forests.
    • Nursing & serving over 20000 neglected & sick cows.
    • Holding of Inspirational / Educational Camps and marches ( vraja yatra) to save the environment of Vraja Vrindavan.
    • Creating and sustaining the big “Bring Back River Yamuna to Vrindavan” campaign.
The save Yamuna website is a part of the “Bring back River Yamuna to Vrindavan” which is part of the wider Save Vraja Vrindavan project.

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