Monday, November 25, 2013

A Global Ethic: Grateful Living

"A Network for Grateful Living provides education and support for the practice of grateful living as a global ethic, inspired by the teachings of Br. David Steindl-Rast and colleagues.  Gratefulness – the full response to a given moment and all it contains – is a universal practice that fosters personal transformation, cross-cultural understanding, interfaith dialogue, intergenerational respect, nonviolent conflict resolution, and ecological sustainability," writes the nonprofit's website.

The Mission:
  • To build up and expand our interactive website as the focus for a global community of people whose spiritual practice is grateful living.
  • To provide a unifying ethic that demonstrates we are not separate one from another, in an age of globalization that undermines our ethics and sense of worldwide community.
  • To offer workshops and retreats that increase people's awareness of gratefulness as a tool for personal healing and compassion towards others, a lifelong practice.
  • To partner with other organizations who want to explore how gratefulness can transform and energize their own work and mission.
  • To support local groups studying the practice of grateful living.
  • To demonstrate the interconnectedness between gratefulness and the healthy flow of resources in a spirit of sufficiency.

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