Thursday, November 14, 2013


As a writer/blogger with a plethora of news feeds, plus social media distractions, I recognize the challenge of silence, too much information, long to do lists, and the overwhelming feelings this brings.  Today's Daily Prism is from the  Greater Good :

We Americans are often overwhelmed and exhausted. Did you know that 235 million people are currently grappling with feelings of time-starvation and moderate to high levels of stress, exhaustion, or burn-out in the United States alone? 1

While many things factor into this collective exhaustion, I’ve found, in my own life, that much of it stems from the sheer amount of stimulus and the build-up of, well, stuff. Here are several ways I filter out what I’ve come to think of as “junk stimulus.” 

1) First, rid your environment of physical clutter.
2) Now, limit the amount of stuff you let back into your house.
 3) Next, get rid of all unneeded media and audible stimulus.
4) Finally, prune niggling tasks  

Read the entire article "How to Eliminate Junk Stimulus."

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