Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Keep Your Eye On The Sparks Off The Prism

The Daily Prism is about to begin a holiday vacation.  We'll return with the New Year.

This has been an amazing year of generosity and kindness--even though, at times, the daily news tells us differently.  Remember, it's not always the loudest making real change. It's those who volunteer for nonprofits, give their time to schools, clean the beaches, stand for justice, work with the poor, educate freely, and randomly perform more acts of unselfish love and giving.  We posted 264 stories this year.  If time allowed we would post one a day, or two or three a day because there are that many stories that find our news sources.

It's not easy to feel positive when we hear and see negativity, war, acts of violence.  But keep your eye on that spark from the prism that lights our way through the darkness.  It's strong.  It's steady.  It is in charge. 

And give.  Give what you can. Giving is as simple as writing a letter to a lonely person; donating your unwanted to a worthy charity, praying for others, volunteering an hour a month, and being kind to all. This enrolls you into that silent army of those seeking to bring life's greater good to all.

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