Friday, December 13, 2013

Madrid NGO Fill Food Bank With Vending Machine downtown Madrid sits a vending machine with a difference. Covered in photographs of milk bottles,food banks for help.
lentils and rice, this "solidarity machine" is a charity's attempt to keep up with the increasing number of Spaniards turning to

Passersby insert their change and choose which of the 24 items provided by the food bank they want to fund. Items cost between €1 and €3 (80p-£2.50): 1kg of sugar costs €1 and a dozen eggs €2. The machine spits out a little box that shows what has been purchased.

"People walking by stop and stare. It looks like we have a tobacco vending machine sitting next to a church," said Adrián Gutiérrez, campaign co-ordinator for the Spanish NGO Mensajeros de la Paz. "Most of them laugh when they find it what it's all about. Then they want to try it out."

..."We're right in the middle of one of Madrid's main shopping streets, so people aren't likely to be carrying food they can donate," Gutiérrez said. "It's something new, something different, to get people excited about donating."

Source:  The Guardian

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