Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Giving Pledge Signs on More Members

The San Francisco Gate reports,

Seven more billionaires, including Groupon CEO Eric Lefkofsky, GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons and Russian super angel Yuri Milner, just vowed to give most of their money away.

They signed The Giving Pledge, the four-year-old brainchild of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in which the world's wealthiest individuals promise to give away half or more of their money to charity before or after they die.

With the seven who signed on today, 128 wealthy families have made this commitment.

The Giving Pledge is somewhat controversial, however, the Business Insider reported this comment by one of the pledge's advocates:

 Advocates of The Giving Pledge insist that the main purpose of the campaign is to create a ripple effect across the world, which it has done. “By giving publically, we are able to inspire and educate others to give more of themselves,” said Jenny Santi, a Singapore-based advisor on ultra high net worth (UHNW) philanthropy, who is currently helping Academy Award winner Goldie Hawn expand her foundation to Asia. “I have had clients tell me that the reason they started their own charitable projects is that they read about what Bill Gates is doing, and were inspired to do the same.”

...And of course, any step towards galvanizing others to the betterment of human kind must be given the benefit of the doubt. Santi said: “If charitable projects are flawed, I think we should spend less time criticizing them and spend more time coming up with alternatives, or proactive solutions. Today, for example, it took me only three minutes to make an online donation to victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Sometimes we forget how little we have to do to make a difference.”

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