Friday, January 24, 2014

A Peace Project for Palestinian Youth

From The Pollination Project,

Basil Farraj is a Palestinian student who has studiedin Northern Ireland in 2012. He was inspired to bring Palestinian youth to Northern Ireland to conduct workshops, with the partnership of local organizations, to show people of his generation the possibilities for a just peace. 

Basil hopes to expose the youth to the numerous work being done towards positive peace through workshops in which young people from Northern Ireland and Palestine will meet and learn together.
“By learning about Northern Ireland, the harsh history that people lived in and the current attempts made towards positive peace following the peace process, the youth will witness the possibilities for peace and justice in Northern Ireland and will think about such possibilities in their own contexts at home,” he said.
The Pollination Project is providing funds to Basil to help with the activity fees and logistics of conducting the workshops.

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