Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Man Devotes Time to Protect Butterflies

Monarch butterflies at Pismo St. Beach Butterfly Grove. C. Coimbra photo.
Perhaps this new year of 2014 will be the year of your and my spiritual transformation.  With that thought, let's kickoff this year's Daily Prism posts about a man who has spent the last 20 years developing winter habitat for migrating monarch butterflies.

A recent story in the San Luis Obispo Tribune writes, ...(Kingston) Leong, 73, has established three monarch groves in the county — the one in Los Osos as well as sanctuaries in Morro Bay and Nipomo. He is also working to get endowments and teams of volunteers in place to manage the three sites in perpetuity.

“I want to have a structure in place so that the program can continue after I’m gone,” he said. “One person can’t do it all.”

He also holds two patents related to monarchs. One is for an artificial larval food for them, and the other is for a method to keep monarch colonies free of protozoa contamination.

Butterflies are considered to represent transformation of the body, heart or soul among many indigenous myth and belief.

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