Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rescued Kitten Comforts Hospice Patient

. Rusty with his patient.Courtesy photo from news report
A California cat rescue group, North County Paws Cause, learned of a woman in in hospice care via the woman's sister.  Her  goal was to bring her dying sister, who was also in great discomfort, an orange tabby kitten.  The challenge was that the hospice patient could not "own" the cat while in hospice, consequently the patient's family took responsibility for "Rusty." 

The local newspaper writes, "...when Rusty visited (the patient) one last time, he lay next to her and kneaded the blanket, bringing a smile to (the patient's) face...Rusty turned out to be exactly the gift..." they searched for their ailing sister.

Rusty now lives with the surviving sister who "...discovered how much she adore the little scamp and realizes what a joy he is to her as a companion and a reminder (of her sister)," the report notes.

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