Monday, January 13, 2014

Sherpas Plan "Expedition for Global Peace"

I have the honor of meeting a young Nepal mountaineer who is committed to Mt. Everest Expedition for Global Peace and Friendship this year.  I'll bring more information soon, but meanwhile, the team is now collecting flags from every nation, and are also working to raise funds to make this trek happen.

From their blog site, Global Peace 2014:

There is impossible to exercise fundamental human rights without true understanding of peace and friendship and applying it to our everyday life.

...we cannot carry on our civilizations, social development and mutual understanding without peace and friendship...and applying it to our everyday life.  

We have planned a peace campaign Mt. Everest Expedition for Global Peace and Friendship--2014 in search of arising of peace and friendship...we all need to be one for the restoration of peace...for the betterment of both mankind and the mother earth.

For this reason we are going to welcome every national flags...of around the world and let them flutter and fly high on the roof of the world...and say YES to peace and friendship

Visit their Facebook page for more information:

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