Friday, January 10, 2014

Thousands Remove Tons of Coastline Debris

From a recent post on Sustainable Coastline Hawaii's website--a hint at that army of volunteer workers focused on bringing about positive change and good:

 Wow 2013 was amazing! With the help of thousands of volunteers we removed tons of debris off the coastlines. We also presented to nearly 1500 students, educating them about the detriments of marine debris, over consumption of plastic, and most importantly inspiring them to become coastal stewards.

We want to thank all the volunteers that came out to our cleanups, the core team that runs SCH, the support we received through grants from the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, Method, Department of Health, Patagonia, and NOAA, and the partnership support from partners like the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Under My Umbrella, Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks, Sea Life Park, Ohana Broadcasting, Da Hui, Planet Sun, Turtle Bay, and many others.

SCH was formed in February of 2011 by a group of surfers, divers, sunbathers, and general ocean lovers that were inspired to give back to the coastlines that had given them so much. These ocean loving individuals were interested in tackling the problem of marine debris while inspiring stewardship of the coastlines. The core members of SCH recruit and train volunteers, educate schools and community groups on solutions for reducing plastic pollution, and collaborate with like-minded partners to create inventive ways to combine community service, education, and most importantly……

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