Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Warka Water--A Sustainable Water Collection Design

 From DZine Trip

Conceptualized by architects Arturo Vittori & Andreas Vogler of Italy-based Architecture and Vision, Warka is a handmade 30 foot interactive tower, made from natural materials and collecting water, energy and communication from the air in rural areas of developing countries...In mountain regions of Ethiopia women and children walk every day for several hours to collect water from sources often unsafe that they share with animals and are at risk of contamination. This situation makes their life even more difficult together with the endless household chores, resulting in lacking education..‘Warka Water’ offers an alternative to this dramatic situation. It is a vertical structure with a special fabric hanging inside to collect drinking water from the air by condensation. The triangular mesh structure is made of natural materials such as junco and can be built by the village inhabitants. The structure, which weighs only 60 kg, consists of 5 modules that are installed from the bottom to the top and can be lifted and assembled by 4 people without the need of scaffolding. The tower can collect up to 100 liters of drinking water per day. The Goal is that by 2015 the ‘Warka Water’ to be realized in Ethiopia.

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