Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dubai Students Combat "Water Poverty"


Photo from World Water Day Carnival
The local student-run charity, Water for Life, is organizing the annual World Water Day Carnival. The carnival aims to promote an awareness of the issue of World Water Poverty and moreover, to raise money for the cause. ‘World Water Poverty’ is the issue of the lack of clean drinking water in impoverished regions. The Water for Life club also aims to promote greater sanitation in impoverished parts.

The organization achieves its aims through money raised from the various activities held over the course of the year. All proceeds raised are sent to parent-organization, ‘The Aqua Initiative’, from where the money is distributed among several ongoing projects in different parts of Africa and Asia.

The carnival is being held at the Dubai International Academy, Al Barsha on the 20th February. It will begin at 2:30 pm and will proceed till late evening. Sponsors for the carnival include ‘Aqualyng’, a desalination giant, as well as, Subway, which will handle the catering. With bouncy castles, music, gladiator jousts, gaming stands and other activities, the carnival promises to be an enjoyable way to support the cause of fighting against World Water Poverty.

President, 17 year-old Siddarth Raj, says, “It’s amazing that simply through an event hosted here we are able to actually raise funds and physically help those in less fortunate countries through methods such as building wells, or improving sanitary facilities and providing life straws.”

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