Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Garden Bridge" For Quiet Walking

" urban garden/footbridge project in London (is) brilliant, bold and well, absolutely fabulous. While the solar panel-roofed Blackfriars Railway Bridge may be viewed as the greenest structure to provide passage across the River Thames, another project that recently snagged £30 million in government funding will, once completed, be London's greenest bridge in a true literal sense. After all, what other bridge in the British capital city provides a crucial pedestrian link between the north and south banks and adds to 'London's rich and diverse horticultural heritage?'...Spanning a planned 1,204 feet across the Thames in a proposed location that’s roughly parallel to the pedestrian-unfriendly Waterloo Bridge, Lumley describes her Garden Bridge as being 'a place with no noise or traffic where the only sounds are birdsong and bees buzzing and the wind in the trees, and below the steady rush of water.' The celebrated actress and human rights activist adds: 'There will be grasses, trees, wild flowers, and plants, unique to London's natural riverside habitat. I believe it will bring to Londoners and visitors alike peace and beauty and magic.' "

From Mother Nature Network

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