Wednesday, February 19, 2014

High Fashion & Recycled Ocean Plastic Waste Makes Denim

From Upwell:  

Musician and fashion designer Pharrell Williams is using his influence to draw attention to ocean plastic. He’s partnering with label G-Star RAW and Bionic Yarn to make jeans that actually incorporate recycled bits of plastic from the ocean into the fabric.

Mother Nature Network notes:  
... Williams debuted his latest project, "RAW for the Oceans," during a high-profile event last weekend in the midst of New York City's Fashion Week. 
The 40-year-old, who serves as the creative director of Bionic Yarn, will collaborate with denim brand G-Star Raw on the new collection, which incorporates the recycled-plastic-turned-eco-friendly-fabric..."We all should [have a higher consciousness]," Pharrell told the Wall Street Journal. "Look, I’m not a huge activist or anything. I’m just playing my little part because each drop counts. I’m happy to be a participant.”

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