Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mobilizing Science For the Good

"Scientists Without Borders is a worldwide community of changemakers collaborating to accelerate and share solutions to the world’s most urgent development challenges. Here, you can ask questions, offer answers and expertise, and help us grow and disseminate scientific insights crucial to addressing critical global needs," reads the nonprofit's website.

The online group defines its mission: 
"Scientists Without Borders is a public-private partnership led by The New York Academy of Sciences. We are a web-based collaborative community dedicated to generating, sharing, and advancing innovative science and technology-based solutions to the world`s most pressing global development challenges. Through our dynamic and free web platform, we harness the collective and creative problem-solving capacity of our worldwide community of experts and our strategic partner network to tackle specific scientific or technological challenges in areas of critical need. We enable our users to connect and exchange resources and expertise, and to forge cross-cutting collaborations and knowledge-sharing to accelerate progress and breakthroughs. We leverage technological connectivity to promote open innovation, collaboration, and transparency, so that solutions, information, and capacity can be accessed and sustainably deployed wherever needed.

"The Scientists Without Borders ecosystem includes individuals and organizations working on science and technology-based activities at all levels of academia, NGOs, government, and the private sector, across a variety of regions, disciplines, and subject matter areas. On our platform, we enable passionate and creative problem-solvers of every stripe to connect, collaborate, innovate and have an impact on our urgent and shared global challenges."

Featured projects include Global Health, Sustainability and Thought Leadership.

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