Thursday, February 20, 2014

University Offers $1Million For Best Way to Combat Dead Zones

From RedOrbit

In response to President Obama’s call for institutions and philanthropists to help find solutions to the world’s most pressing issues, Tulane University announced Monday that it would offer a $1 million prize to the researcher or entrepreneur who devises the best plan to combat annual “dead zones” in lakes and oceans.
In a statement, the university said that it was soliciting innovative solutions to battle hypoxia, or oxygen-depleted water caused by an excessive amount of river-borne fertilizers and other nutrients being carried into larger bodies of water as part of the “Water Innovations: Reducing Hypoxia, Restoring our Water” Grand Challenge.

The grand prize would be funded by Patrick F. Taylor Foundation President Phyllis Taylor, Tulane University President Scott Cowen said. The competition begins with a 30-day period for the submission of comments about the prize, as well as letters of interest, to the university’s Grand Challenge website.
[ Watch the Video: Asking Public To Combat 'Dead Zones' ]

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