Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Flower Show Combats Hunger

From One Miracle At a Time

C. Coimbra Photo
Last week, thousands of people filed into the Philadelphia Convention Center for the city’s annual flower show—the largest and oldest in the country. The event, hosted by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, gives us all a chance to marvel at the spectacular beauty created when man plants a garden...

... A large portion of the proceeds from the International Flower Show—and other PHS-hosted events—goes toward nonprofit programs and services started by the 187-year-old nonprofit..

PHS supports the unification and beautification of communities throughout the city by funding public landscapes, mass tree-plantings, neighborhood parks and communal gardens.

City Harvest

PHS also combats hunger in Philadelphia through its City Harvest program, an initiative to help community gardeners grow food for impoverished people.

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