Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gratitude and America Attitude

From Greater Good Science Center:

Americans are very grateful and they think gratitude is important—they’re just not very good at expressing it.

...That’s one of the conclusions from a national survey on gratitude commissioned by the John Templeton Foundation, which also funds the Greater Good Science Center’s Expanding Gratitude project. We’ve stressed the importance of gratitude for years, as more and more research reveals its benefits. But we don’t really know: How grateful actually are Americans today?

That’s why Templeton’s new survey is so significant.

The polling firm Penn Shoen Berland surveyed over 2,000 people in the United States, capturing perspectives from different ages, ethnic groups, income levels, religiosity, and more. Their results provide an unprecedented snapshot of gratefulness in America.
  • More than 90 precent of those polled agreed that grateful people are more fulfilled, lead richer lives, and are more likely to have friends.
  • More than 95 percent said that it is anywhere from “somewhat” to “very” important for mothers and fathers to teach gratitude.
  • 93 percent of those polled agreed that grateful bosses were more likely to be successful, and only 18 percent thought that grateful bosses would be seen as “weak.”
  • Asked about their own habits and feelings about gratitude, only one percent selected “I think that gratitude is unnecessary.”

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