Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Students Study Aftermath of Animal Exploitation

Barbara Stam

Barbara Stam, a teacher at the Youth Opportunities Unlimited branch of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), along with fellow teachers Nora Zaragoza and Misty Cervantes, are facilitating sixty students to visit and learn about the Silver Horse Healing Ranch. The ranch works with horses who were formally used to harvest Premarin, a hormone treatment that has since been linked to cancer. Consequently, the demand for Premarin decreased, and consequentially, thousands of horses needed to be rescued since they were no longer economically necessary. Students will create photo essays, art and videos and present them during a school assembly to educate other students about the web of issues that arise when animals are exploited.

With Barbara’s background in both education and veterinary sciences, she strives to help her students see animals not as an economic commodity, but as companions, and states “By taking these students on these field trips, they will be educated on how these horses were rescued and how the Healing Ranch rehabilitates the horses and helps them bond with each other and people.”

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