Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kindness is Everywhere

When curmudgeons, negative folks, people with ill intentions, unkind words and actions seem to dominate your day, turn them off like the radio when a bad song airs.  It's not easy to smile back at the face of unpleasantness, but it is the best way to make it go away--and, perhaps, turn that unpleasantness into a positive.

Too many negative and hateful websites?  That's when the delete key on your computer becomes a force of positive action.

The Daily Prism enjoys websites like Random Acts of Kindness -- with daily showcasing of acts of kindness, a calendar of ideas, kindness stories, and resources, and we promise positive inspiration.

There are a gazillion YouTube videos featuring random acts of kindness. Here's one of the many:

Regardless of the headlines, kindness is everywhere.

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