Saturday, May 24, 2014

Science Works with Islander Tradition

“We are a diverse team of university and college faculty, students, researchers, and Yap outer island community members, working together with the people of Yap State Outer Islands, including Ulithi Atoll (Federated States of Micronesia) to help understand the challenges facing the coral reefs and the communities that rely on them. This is a positive story, making positive change in a revolutionary way -- combining tradition with science.   Learn more about us and our affiliations below, and read on to learn about and support this effort…

“…There are many ways to approach conservation and management.  Yet the vast majority of efforts focus on only a few methods.  We are doing it differently -- letting communities lead, and focusing on combining tradition with modern science. In 2010, recognizing a decline in reef health and fish populations, islanders from the remote Micronesian outer islands of Ulithi Atoll, Yap State realized that their health, their communities, and their future were being threatened by rapid environmental and cultural change.  They asked for help to learn how to manage a sustainable food supply from their oceans, a critical issue for their present and future wellbeing.  We are a team of scientists who came together to respond to the islanders' call for assistance.  This project is realizing unprecedented success.  You can learn more about us and read our reports at:"

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