Friday, May 2, 2014

Securing Urban Habitat for Bees

C Coimbra photo
By Tom Held
When a swarm of bees invaded his organic garden in Los Angeles, Rob McFarland embraced the pollinators.
A lifelong naturalist, he quickly sought to learn more about his visitors and pursued a form of backyard conservation that can have worldwide impact: securing urban habitat for bees and supporting their vital role in producing food.
Just a few months after that first swarm appeared, Mr. McFarland and his wife, Chelsea, contributed $50,000 of their own money to start HoneyLove, a nonprofit that teaches urbanites how to host bees in backyard hives.
The McFarlands, along with other experts, host three workshops every month instructing prospective beekeepers on how to set up hives, attract a swarm, harvest honey, and make candles and other products from the bees’ production.

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