Monday, May 26, 2014

Simple Acts of Kindness: A Smile and a Gift--Just Because

“I was on my way to work when I passed by a church that just had a funeral and a family of 4 came out of the church (mother, father, a little girl, and little boy) they started walking in the same direction of me. They jumped in their vehicle and headed off. While walking to work I passed by a convenience store and bought a $50 Toys"R" Us gift-card and a $50 Boston Pizza gift card, I didn't expect to see them again But If I did I would give them those gift cards. I work at a fitness studio and there is a McDonalds across the street I think It was meant to be because on my break I saw the same family sitting eating ice cream talking with sad faces, I walked up and gave them the gift cards and said, "I saw you earlier today beside the church I am sorry for your lose but I thought you could get the little ones some new toys and go out for a family dinner on me.”  I left it on the table and started walking away the father and mother rushed after me and gave me hugs and said thank you for my kindness. I told them to pay it forward.”

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