Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thanks, Kellon. Now Homeless Kids Have Socks

From Points of Light

At age 5, Illinois’ Kellon Oldenettel has already tapped into his power to spark change. 

As a 3-year-old, he participated in a neighborhood clean-up project with his family. Last Christmas, when Kellon began to understand that some kids don’t get holiday presents, he asked his mom what else kids are missing.

She talked about kids without homes and enough food to eat. “Does that mean they don’t have socks?” Kellon asked. When he got his answer, Kellon set out to collect and donate socks for children and adults in his community. So far, he’s donated more than 1,200 new pairs to people who need them.

Kellon’s story shows that kids are never too young to serve – and to lead. They bring fresh perspective, new tactics and renewed energy to the world of volunteer service. They create real change, and while they’re at it, they inspire their friends and the rest of us to join them. 

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