Monday, June 23, 2014

Baghdad Peace Group Focus on Youth and Women

Al Rafidain Peace Organization was founded in 2007 and works in fields of peacebuilding and gender issues. It’s work is focused on young people, children and women, particularly in universities and schools. The organisation considers monitoring and reporting on the reality of human rights and freedoms in Iraq as an essential part peacebuilding in Iraq. 
Al Raifidain Peace has implemented a number of projects:
1. Spreading the culture of dialogue and social peace in the schools: the project included producing a training manual on conflict transformation skills, communication, non-violence, peacebuilding.

2. Reducing the phenomenon of child soldiers in Iraq: The organisation led a network of five local organisations for a period of four months to raise awareness of child soldiers in Iraq and pressure the government to take action. More information is available here:

3. Inviting youth to protect the childhood of Deviation: This project  aimed to reduce the effects of sectarian violence on young people in Baghdad

4. Protection of the Rights of the Child in the schools: Workshops for training in the field of human rights and child rights.

5. Festival of “Youth for Peace”: The festival aimed to spread the message of peace and tolerance and also to open the continuous relationship between civil society organizations and university students.

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