Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Delivering Dignity--One Shower at a Time"

From SF Gate:
The 51-year-old public relations executive, mother and Western Addition resident has launched a new program to turn decommissioned (San Francisco) Muni buses into shower stalls, drive them to nonprofits that serve homeless people and hand over toiletries and towels.
It seems so simple and yet - like so many of the city's best ideas - took somebody who doesn't spend her days inside City Hall to come up with it.
"It's impossible to live in this city and not see how significant a problem homelessness is, and it's something I've always cared about," she said. "I would often see a homeless person and think to myself, 'When they were little, they didn't think, oh, I want to grow up and be homeless.' These are people who for whatever reason didn't make their aspirations and their dreams come true.

"We seek to bring dignity one shower at a time."

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