Monday, June 16, 2014

Environmental Justice "...a Global Movement"

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Reporter Mary Hoff recently interviewed sociologist, Robert Bullard, who brought to the attention of our society the phrase, environmental justice.

Bullard's answer to her question, "What are the big points of progress in the past two decades?" was:

"One of the most important is the codification and integration of environmental justice into our language and our understanding of basic civil rights and human rights. Today we have every state at least acknowledging and recognizing that environmental justice is a framework that needs to be codified in law or some type of legislative order.

"The other is that environmental justice is now being recognized as a legitimate subject for study. At least 22 legal clinics and at dozens of university-based centers and programs have environmental justice as their central focus.

And, I think, also the fact that environmental justice now is getting recognition as worthy of national and international prestigious awards, such as Goldman Prizes and Heinz Awards and MacArthur Prizes — and even the Nobel Prize, with Wangari Maathai winning the Nobel Prize for her work around environmental justice in Kenya.

"And, finally, I think it’s important to note that environmental justice has springboarded from a United States domestic issue to become a global movement. The environmental justice movement has grown, matured and taken root across the globe."

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