Monday, June 23, 2014

Kenyan Volunteers Clean Beaches

“Though rain nearly stopped play today Watamuites were out in force from Darakasi to Mida Creek - and collected a record 4,050 kilos of marine debris!!!!!!! Please note this is rubbish washed up from the ocean not dumped on the beach. Enough said- now to thanks everyone - If we have left you out please tell us. From Mida Creek - Kenya Wildlife Service, All the residents from Plot 45 to 5 - also LOCAL OCEAN TRUST: WATAMU TURTLE WATCH, A Rocha Kenya, Tribe Watersports, Turtle Bay Beach Club (Original Page), Taylor Holding Ltd,The Watamu Marine Association Blues Team, Damian Davies Andrew McNaughton, Lynne Elson of Wajimida Jigger Campaign, The Bell's staff at Blue Bay, Rotary Mariners of East Africa and Rotarywatamu, Blue Bay Cove, Watamu, Watamu, Watamu Against Crime, Watamu Association, The village women Watamu with Mike from the village and the Watamu Beach Management Unit, not forgetting of course G4S and Dongukundu School. Also Ocean SPORTS RESORT,KENYA,Hemingways Watamu and Blue Fin Divers. Whether you were out with the crowd or made a donation, this is what makes Watamu on the Kenyan coast so great. :)”

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