Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thursday's Child for All Youth, Everyday

Anorexia.  Bullying.  Child Trafficking. Date Rape. Peer Pressure.  Pregnancy. Runaway.  Suicidal.  All negatives that can be a part of growing up.

Thursday's Child, a volunteer service for youth in trouble offers:

☏ Crisis Counseling and Intervention
         We look for solutions to problems; we are not merely a listening line.
☏ Referrals
         We do not believe in reinventing the wheel, but rather in working
         with other organizations for services that are already in place.
☏  Assistance for Parental Abductions Victims
         We can help with skip tracing to a limited extent, direction
         for legal remedies and also act as a liaison with law enforcement.
☏ Child Abuse Reporting and Follow-up Assistance
         We will assist in making reports if the caller is reluctant to do so.
☏ Information and Resource Services
        No, we don't make referrals to private practitioners, but we can find
        free or affordable  treatment for those under 18
☏  Follow-up where Requested
        We will follow up when asked.
  •  Live Internet Support through Skype
        If a child feel uncomfortable talking on the phone, we offer live chat
  •  Emergency and transitional shelter


☆ Thursday's Child helps nearly 25,000 children each year.
       Those we help represent a diverse spectrum; from rich to poor, from
       black to white; male, female, straight, gay, in control and at wit's end.
☆ To date, we have helped nearly half a million children.
       Many of the children we have helped from the early 1980's
       are now middle-aged with children of their own.

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