Monday, July 7, 2014

Serving the Story--A Blog About Volunteers

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While volunteering recently I met a person who writes a blog about volunteers.  Imagine that! 

I often wonder if people who serve have a slightly different color of red that colors their blood.  It's a generous passion that crosses every single culture on the planet, from my Nepali friend, a sherpa,  who seeks world peace, to the generous 1% gazillionaires who promise at least half of their net worth to charity.  

 Serving the Story is the subject blog. As defined by its author, "...a blog dedicated to narratives of service to others, ranging from the inspirational and the heartbreaking to the philosophical and even humorous. This allows me, as its creator, to fuse two sides of my own story – that of a lifelong writer in journalistic and creative forms and, at the same time, someone who, like all the readers of this blog, find meaning through acts of service, large or small."

I will probably, from time to time, visit Serving the Story and share the good works that others do--that giant, but quiet army of people who serve the greater good.

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