Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Humanitarians Rush to Assist Nepal Landslide Victims

NEPAL.  Heavy rain since 13 Aug, has triggered floods across at least 17 districts. 89 people died, 39 people were injured and 128 people remain missing. Access along major roads, including the East West Highway, is limited. 5.220 houses are submerged and 428 houses have collapsed.
Humanitarian partners have strengthened their presence on the ground to support the delivery of food, water and medication. Logistics remain a major problem.
Caritas Nepal is responding…The government has evacuated thousands of people to safer locations, but the evacuees “don’t have cooked food or basic items like blankets and mattresses,” says Arpana Karki, Programme Coordinator for Caritas Nepal’s Disaster Management Department. “They’re sleeping on the bare ground.” Arpana says the evacuees also do not have proper access to drinking water and sanitation.
Though travel is difficult due to washed-away roads, Caritas has mobilised its field staff and local partners to aid families in districts like Banke, Bardiya, Surkhet and Dang. “Our regional staff have been taking vehicles to the affected areas when they can, though some roads are impassable because of flooded culverts,” says Karki.
Caritas plans to provide food such as rice, lentils and cooking oil, along with essential items like blankets, tarps, and material to purify water. “People are staying in camps, so we might have to have a mess programme where people can have cooked meals,” says Karki. “But once the water recedes, we expect some percentage of people to go back home.”

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