Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Music To My Ears--Student Musicians "Play it Forward"

Music To My Ears is a volunteer organization where middle and high school children teach free weekly musical instrument lessons to elementary school-age children. It was started in October of 2009 when Hanover County budget cuts removed the strings program from the elementary school curriculum…  

“In Hanover County, we are offering guitar, piano, flute, and violin beginner lessons this year. We have a team of middle and high school experienced musicians that volunteer to teach the elementary school children 30 minute weekly lessons. This program is open to all Hanover County students. 

“...Ninety-seven students have now benefited from the program, with over 1500 of service hours being given back to our communities. We have started an outreach to provide instruments to those children that have been unable to participate because they do not have a practice instrument."

--From the Music To My Ears website

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