Saturday, September 6, 2014

Giving-Circle Fosters Respect, Community, Learning, Global Outcomes

Pangea is a Seattle-based international giving circle run primarily by its member volunteers. After a rigorous grant review process each year, Pangea makes monetary grants to small grass roots, community-based organizations in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Learning about issues pertinent to the regions we serve and developing close relationships with our partners is central to our work. 
There are many ways members contribute to Pangea’s mission. They participate as much as their time and interests allow by:
Providing financial support. Members contribute a minimum of $1,500 ( per individual) or $1,650 (per couple) each year which goes into a grant pool. While we do receive some outside funding, this provides the core of our grant pool dollars.
Participating in one or multiple small groups organized by geographic regions (pods) to  solicit and review grant proposals and plan site visits.
Engaging with Pangea’s partners by being a Pangea liaison, observing partner projects in action (on site visits) and/or assisting with on site workshops.
Attending Pangea sponsored education events to learn about global development issues offered 2-4 times per year.
Joining one of Pangea’s committees;  Grants, Education, Finance or Communications.
Serving on Pangea’s Board  – Elections are held each winter 

Pangea has four major value areas which connect head and heart to promote sustainability for the organization and the planet.

  • Respect  We demonstrate our compassion through listening and walking with our partners toward equality and social justice
  • Community  Our Pangea community includes our relationships with our members and our connectedness with our global partners
  • Learning  As a learning organization, we are open to new ideas, dedicated to thoughtful exploration of global issues, and appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity
  • Global Outcomes  Pangea aspires to be a catalyst for peace, social and economic justice.  We address root causes of poverty and inequality.  We share our time and wealth toward forming trusting relationships and models for useful change around the planet.
--From the Pangea website

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