Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mainstream Athletics for Challenged Kids

How can you measure a child’s smile? A laugh? A touch?
The pure joy that comes from being connected and interacting in a ‘normal’ way?
Being seen as a valuable member within their family and community?
Seeing your child succeed at something they never knew was possible?

The goal of iTRY is to empower special needs children and their families through a mainstream athletic event. They will be a vital part of a team, be challenged mentally and physically, benefit from ongoing training, experience the thrill of competition, and be cheered across the finish line!
Co-Athletes are young, energetic and able athletes with conditions such as autism, paralysis, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and obesity. Through training and [hopefully] triathlon participation, co-athletes benefit both mentally and physically through increased self-belief, confidence, perseverance and commitment, mental focus and physical stamina, proper nutrition for an athlete, and learning what it’s like to be part of a team.

Through iTRY, co-athletes are provided not only with the training, guidance and support necessary to complete a triathlon, but also all of the equipment and gear necessary for training and event participation (bikes, chariots, helmets, nutrition).
--From the TeamiTry website

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