Thursday, September 11, 2014

Make Your Days "Extraordinary and fill them with passion"

9/11 Peace Story Quilt 
Metropolitan Museum of Art
“The Shelley A Marshall Foundation funds intergenerational nursing home tea parties, children’s story hours, art workshops, and other events to commemorate Marshall, who worked at the Pentagon. ‘A few months after 9/11, I was cleaning out our car and I found her notepad,’ her husband Donn Marshall told Parade.The last thing she had written was, ‘We have only a finite number of days on earth — make them extraordinary and fill them with passion.’”
“The focus of the Foundation's efforts are simple yet significant activities such as these - activities that inspire and enrich the spirit and have a direct impact on peoples' lives, even if that impact is only to cause someone to smile for a time.”
According to the foundation’s website, it has funded:

  • 600+ children's story hours for almost 80,000 children and parents at public libraries and schools 
  • 70+ Intergenerational tea parties for more than 3,000 seniors and high school students at nursing homes 
  • Creative writing contests for students 
  • Five Summer Art Workshop series for promising High School art students 

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