Saturday, September 20, 2014

Makeup Artists Create Faces of the Deep Sea

Paragorgia, Bubblegum Coral. Make up by Maeva Coree, Paris, France.
BLOOM is a non-profit organization which works to protect the oceans through a process of raising awareness and explaining environmental problems using scientific mediation, by producing relevant and independent scientific studies, as well as by participating in public consultations and institutional processes,”  writes the website.
Recently, “Fresh Handmade Cosmetics shops across Europe hosted a campaign to raise awareness about the destruction caused by deep-sea bottom trawling and to ask European governments to support a ban of what scientists have called ‘the most destructive fishing gear in history’…BLOOM (teamed) up with LUSH to draw public attention to the plight of the remote deep waters of Europe..(with a) a live performance of body painting deep-sea creatures…in flagship LUSH stores across Europe to symbolize the amazing diversity of deep-sea life and its extreme vulnerability to destruction.
(Visit Deep Sea Body Painting for more photos.)
“…European Fisheries Ministers are currently discussing the reform of the EU deep-sea fishing regulation, in particular the proposed prohibition of the most destructive fishing gear: deep-sea bottom trawling.
“BLOOM and LUSH are calling on the public to pressure Fisheries Ministers and EU governments to ban deep-sea bottom trawling…

“The ban of deep-sea bottom trawling has been called on by more than 300 international scientists.”

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