Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Act Can Make A Difference

Everywhere you look today, you see people struggling just to get by. Kids right here in our own backyard  go to bed hungry at night.  People have lost their homes to tornadoes and floods.  Our humane shelters are being overrun with dogs and cats that have been tossed away.  Some people are just lonely and need a friend. 

So, you are probably thinking, "What can I do? There are so many out there that need help...but there is ONLY  ONE  ME, and I'm just a kid!" That's why in April, 2012,  I started my own foundation, It Starts With One, to encourage you to make a difference and to share ideas with you of ways that you can volunteer in your own community.

My family always said that every good thing ever done began with one person who took that one first step to get it done!  

Looking for ways to get involved?  There are lots of ways to help in your community:

  • The Humane Shelter. Help with feeding the dogs and cats. Spend some time playing with them.  Have a supply drive for your local humane shelter.
  • Visit a nursing home to play games with the residents. 
  • Do you play an instrument?  The senior citizens LOVE for you to come play music for them.
  • Write thank you letters to service members or veterans! Your local Veterans Office can give you some ideas.
  • Read to children at your local library or school.  
  • Mentor a student or help a younger child with homework.

Don't forget about the Random Acts of Kindness. That is an easy way to get started.  Just challenge yourself to do some act of kindess for someone each day! 

  • Open a door and let someone walk in first, 
  • Let someone cut in front of you in the grocery line or in traffic,
  • Compliment someone…
  • Give someone a smile or a hug! 

 Once you get started doing these things, you'll find that you want to keep doing them.  These simple things don't take much time, and they make life so much better for everyone.

—From Starts With 1

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