Friday, October 10, 2014

A-Z Ideas For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It's not too late to host a fundraiser for your favorite breast cancer related nonprofit.  Here is an A-Z list of ideas from the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation:

A  Abseiling, Afternoon Tea

B  Bling Your Bra, Bad Tie Day, Bingo, Bungee Jump

C  Cake Stall, Carol Singing, Car Wash

D   Dance Marathon, Dress-Down Day, Dinner & Dance

E   Easter Egg Hunt, Expert Talks, Eating Competition

F  Fashion Show, Fun Run

G  Girl's Night In, Garden Party, Golf Day, Go Karting

H  Head Shave, Hockey Tournament, Halloween party

I   International Food Evening, Ironing

J  Jail Break, Jazz Concert, Judo Competition

K  Karaoke, Knitting Sale

L   Leg Waxing, Line Dancing, Left-Handed Day

M  Masquerade Ball, Music Quiz

N   Non-uniform Day, Nature trail, Netball Tournament

O   Open House, Opera Concert, Obstacle course

P   Pink Party, Pink Day, Pink Ribbon Breakfast, Pink Anything!

Q  Quiz Night

R   Rugby Tournament, Raffle, Relay Race, Rock ‘n’ Roll Night

S    School Fair, Sky Dive, Sponsored Anything!

T  Talent Competition, Tombola, Teddy Bear’s Picnic

U   Unwanted Gifts Sale

W  Wine-tasting, Window Cleaning, Wear Pink

X   X-Factor themed party, Xylophone concert

Y   Yo-yo tournament, Yoga session, Yacht Race

Z  Zumba Party

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