Friday, November 21, 2014

A Gratitude Party!

According to some research, the impact of any repeated exercise can wear off, so surprise your gratitude center. This comes from Christine Carter, Ph.D., a sociologist, happiness expert, and a Senior Fellow at the Greater Good Science Center:

Throw a gratitude party

One day, in the midst of planning her own 25th birthday…Kate realized that her birthday party might not live up to her expectations. She wanted her party to be special, and she wanted to feel celebrated…

And then it hit her: If she kept thinking about herself so darn much, she was bound to feel disappointed. So she radically changed course. Here is the gist of the email I got from her:

…I’m writing you because I’m on a mission! As you probably don’t know, my 25th birthday is coming up, and rather than going the traditional route and having a blowout party for myself, I’m going to throw a SURPRISE party for my parents.  It’ll be a kind of “Thank You for My Birth(day)” party. I cannot wait!

…The party was better than anyone ever dreamed—for Kate and her parents, but also for all the guests. Kate gave us all the incredibly powerful gift of extreme gratitude.

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