Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fitness, Wellness, Service, Nutrition for Teens

The just keep livin foundation  (j.k. livin) is based on the idea that part of living is about giving back.

In keeping with the mindset and goals of j.k. livin, the foundation has set up fitness and wellness programs in public schools where students might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about the body and mind connection.

We have partnered with other non-profit organizations in each local community to implement fitness and wellness programs in inner-city high schools. In our after school programs, we encourage students to make positive life choices to improve their physical and mental health through exercise, teamwork, gratitude, nutrition and community service. Participating students have a safe place to enhance their lives with fitness coaches and health experts. The results have been incredible. Participants lose weight and gain confidence while also improving their grades, attendance and behavior. Friendships are built and fears are overcome. At our j.k. livin after school programs, kids learn self-reliance and get a healthy start today, so they can make a better tomorrow.

--From the J.K. Livin Foundation website

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