Monday, November 10, 2014

Those Who Nurse the Ill

The deadly disease, ebola, has dominated international headlines while The Daily Prism was on a temporary hiatus.  Doctors Without Borders takes the news-lead in this battle, but what we couldn't help but notice are the nurses who give care and treatment to victims of this deadly disease. 

Nursing, as anyone who has experienced nursing care, can be a career choice that benefits all elements of healing.  There are numerous choices that interested and potential students may not be aware of their availability.

Nurse Without Borders is an internet site designed to bring “...useful nursing career resources on the internet.   We offer career descriptions, expert interviews, and licensing and degree path information, employer profiles, and organization profiles for anyone that is interested in pursuing Nursing as a career,” writes the nonprofit website.

It goes on to explain how the website“...specializes in bringing free career resources to students and interested parties.   Our focus is to be a part of educating the world about the career of nursing, shedding light on the realities of this profession, dispelling myths and reinforcing truths about what nursing is really about.

“We also support the act of volunteering in the nursing community.  We are firm believers that volunteering and helping others in the community is a part of the journey of a nurse and thus provides amazing personal growth opportunities to anyone that pursues those goals.  We would like to help be a part of that growth and this journey with you.”

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