Monday, December 29, 2014

A Holiday Pay It Forward Story

The best part of social media is when a friend posts a story that makes one smile at the kindness of others.  Here is a true (slightly edited) Pay it Forward moment as posted by a friend during this 2014 holiday season:

I rarely post a Facebook entry but today I would feel guilty not sharing my experience. Years ago I saw a movie called Pay it Forward... It was about doing a good deed for someone else if someone does a good deed for you. Well today was a pay it forward moment and I was the recipient.

I stopped at the market on the way home from work and purchased $50 of assorted groceries. When I reached for my wallet, all I grabbed was my fat butt. I remembered that I left my wallet in my personal car (at home) when I was walking the dog yesterday...Well embarrassed as I was telling the checker that I forgot my wallet and will put everything back, the lady behind me said "Don't worry, we will pay for it." ... I realize that I am aged but I was wearing a sport coat with slacks and didn't look homeless. The more I insisted that I could not let them pay for my groceries the more the wife insisted. She then said "Do it for someone else next time." An obvious "pay it forward" moment.

I realize that all of us have given some food or clothing to the needy but I can't recall giving someone who did not need a handout a $50 payday. I am still in shock at the generosity of this woman. She would not even give me her name so I could pay her back.

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