Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Kind Act for an Ill Stray Kitten

Stray kitten photo from GoFundMe
Often it is the tiniest gifts that surprise us.

In this case, it was a tiny kitten found recently.

A business owner ready to decorate her shop, spotted the injured and ill kitten curled beneath a parked pickup truck.  She tried to find the owner of the cat, but when no one showed, she took the kitten to the local veterinarian.  Even with broken bones throughout her body, the veterinarian said the cat could be saved.  The bill, however, will be over $2,500.

The rescuer can't really afford this entire bill, and posted photos and the kitten's story on GoFundMe.

A social media campaign to raise these funds is bringing out the best in the human spirit.  Kindness and compassion is showcased in this fundraising project, and numerous others in an effort to bring "comfort and joy" to those both human and animals in need.

UPDATE!!! Here is the good news about how generously people have responded to "Itty."

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  1. Thank you for sharing this little girls story. She truly is a miracle little kitty