Saturday, December 13, 2014

A "Prescription of Hope and Healing"

Photo from Good magazine
The troubles stemming from Ferguson, MO naturally attracts those who thrive on disruption. Consequently, merchants with businesses in areas where trouble may arise proactively covered their store windows with plywood.  And everyone knows that once a business district is thick with boarded up windows, the negative impact strikes both the business owners and the community.

“...a coalition of St. Louis City Alderwomen and community improvement groups hatched a plan almost immediately,” reports Good magazine.” So they put out a call to the artists of St. Louis via social media. Paint us, they said. Paint the front of our restaurants and shops with any imagery you choose.

“Very quickly, the dun-colored boards were transformed into colorful prescriptions of hope and healing for a polarized city...Some of the art has already been earmarked for the collection of the Missouri History Museum, said one source. They’re soon-to-be historic artifacts.

“ 'We’ve had a setback, but the art project is a demonstration of how resilient and connected to each other we all are,' said St. Louis Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia. “Now, this is a jumping-off point for future work we can do together as a community, too.'”

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